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Arthritis Prevention

a-1 home care arthritis prevention encino

Arthritis is an incurable condition and very common. Although incurable, it is preventable. To prevent arthritis it is important to keep your joints strong and healthy. Exercise on a regular basis to maintain your joint mobility and strengthen your cartilages. By stimulating your joints and muscle, they won’t become stiff and fragile. Keep in mind though, exercise should be in moderation so it won’t damage your joints. Avoid heavy lifting and putting extra weight on your joints. Once a cartilage is damaged, it won’t make full recovery nor will it regrow. It is important to not participate in any activity that may potentially hurt your cartilages. A healthy diet with exercise keeps excess weight off and prevents extra pressure on the joints. A healthy diet should include nutritional properties such as antioxidants  and vitamin c and d to strengthen the cartilages and keep them healthy.

If you are suffering from arthritis, A-1 Home Care in Encino has arthritis care that can be provided in your own home. A-1 Home Care in Encino is also available in other cities such as TarzanaSherman Oaks, Studio City, Northridge, Thousand Oaks or other cities of Los Angeles County.

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