Posted by: encinoinhomecare | August 1, 2015

Encino Home Care: Senior Safety of Utmost Importance

pic 1In light of the most recent event in Savannah, it is more important than ever to know whom you are hiring to take care of your elderly loved ones.  According to an online news source, Savannah Now, a 39-year-old caregiver exploited her position to steal over $20,000 from a vulnerable senior citizen.  Juliana Gwendolyn Carter was indicted for 251 counts of elder abuse and fraud.  The article, posted on July 30, 2015, mentions nothing of the nature how the unfortunate elderly lady met her caregiver, but given Carter’s past criminal record with other seniors, it is highly probable that the elderly victim or her family found Carter in a private advertisement.  Predators on the prowl are everywhere, not just in Savannah.  Do whatever it takes to protect your elderly loved one who lives in Encino or surrounding areas!

How does one find a trustworthy caregiver in Encino nowadays?  Even if you meet someone through a friend of a friend, you really are going by faith when you hire someone based on trust without a serious background check.  It might be cheaper if you hire someone directly from a private ad, but is saving a few dollars a month worth all the heartache, frustration, and financial loss if the caregiver turns out to be a predator?

A licensed, bonded and insured home care agency like A-1 Home Care is your safest bet!  Every caregiver, companion care worker, certified home health aide, certified nurse assistant, private duty nurse and hospice care worker must pass a thorough background check before they’re allowed to enter your home.  In addition to passing a DMV, sex offender and criminal background check, applicants have to meet face-to-face with the care managers so they can assess the applicants’ characters.  By the time a nurse assistant from A-1 Home Care enters your home, you’d have a peace of mind knowing that your elderly loved one is in good hands.

For quality long-term care you can count on, call us today (818) 980-0094 or visit us at for services in Encino, Tarzana, Van Nuys, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, and other cities in surrounding areas.

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