Posted by: encinoinhomecare | March 10, 2016

Preserve Your Dental & Mental Health with Encino Alzheimer’s Care

a-1 home care encino elderly careGum disease and cognitive decline go hand in hand simply because an elderly person’s ability to care for his teeth declines as his dementia worsens over time.  Dr. Mark Ide, first author from the Dental Institute at King’s College London, says, “Gum disease is widespread in the UK and US, and in older age groups is thought to be a major cause of tooth loss” (Periodontitis and Cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s Disease, 2016).  When a senior’s gums become infected, his body’s inflammatory response to Periodontitis diminishes the person’s mental faculties.  This association between cognitive decline and gum disease has been confirmed by numerous research studies; the good news is that if you treat gum disease, you are also deterring or preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  In Encino, concerned families have turned to A-1 Home Care for 25 years to ensure that their elderly loved ones receive the attention they need for regular oral hygiene.


Caring for your senior’s dental health at home can be tricky.  If you have never been certified as a nurse assistant or home health aide, and you have zero elder care experience, you might find it awkward to brush your loved one’s teeth, especially if she is bedridden or has some tooth loss.  Leave it to A-1 Home Care’s personal care aides to do that for you!  They are experienced in-home experts who know how to maneuver around delicate situations.  Administering gentle care, they can perform tooth-brushing for seniors who have all natural teeth, some tooth loss or no natural teeth at all.  Our care managers can arrange for a caregiver for a few hours in the morning and at night, or you can ask for 24 hour care to meet all your loved one’s basic needs: meal preparation, bathing, light housekeeping, laundry, prescription pick-ups, and transportation to appointments or social visits anywhere in Encino or neighboring areas.


At A-1 Home Care, we live by Benjamin Franklin’s wise words, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Our live-in and live-out caregivers will do everything they can to enhance your elderly loved ones’ quality of life.  A non-medical agency, A-1 Home Care provides exceptional senior care for families in Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Beverly Hills, La Canada Flintridge, Pasadena, and surrounding cities.  Are you on a tight budget?  Do you need flexibility?  No problem!  Our care managers will develop an elder care schedule based on level of need, availability, and budget.  You can finance senior care through our reasonable payment plans or go through Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance.  No matter what, we have your best interests at heart and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you and your family.


For a free consultation, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit our website for more information!


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